Yamaha CBX-D5

The Yamaha CBX-D5 is a 4 track digital recorder designed for use with Atari, Mac and PC computers.  It interfaces with the SCSI and MIDI chains and is driven by Cubase.

The Atari version of Cubase CBX v1.1 can be downloaded here:

I have not yet been able to get my CBX-D5 working correctly.  The closest I have been to any success is by using my TT which can see the device but Cubase cannot initialise it.  After having an email conflab with Yamaha, they confirmed that the firmware on my device appears to be v2.09 - the last version of firmware ever released (in 1998/1999).  The support tech I was emailing said that no ROM images exist and that there are no ROMs available through spare parts.

My hunch is that the newer firmware isn’t compatible with the Atari version of Cubase CBX.  Whilst I wait to find a copy of the older firmware, I decided I would read off the firmware I have and upload it here for posterity:

Yamaha CBX-D5 Firmware v2.09: 

***UPDATE 2013-12-11***

My hunch was correct it seems CBX’s past a particular version simply don’t play nice with Cubase Audio CBX. 

As luck would have it, I was contacted by another CBX-D5 owner who had ROM version v1.20a and wanted to swap his ROM with mine.  Now it transpires that there is tight integration between the EPROM and the microcontroller (HD6475208P10) which also has a small programmable area.  So we both exchanged our ROM and HD6475208 chips.  I now have a CBX which is compatible with Atari Cubase CBX and his CBX now talks to his Windows 95 (yes - Windows 95) setup.

The slight annoyance is that while the EPROM is easy enough to read, it is practically useless without a matching HD6475208.  Perhaps they are compatible at major version level, I don’t have enough CBX’s at different releases to really test.  I looked into reading/writing these microcontrollers but it requires special equipment.  Maybe someone who has some firm knowledge of these Microcontrollers can get in touch and help me create binary dumps for posterity?  Yamaha say they no longer have the sources so couldn’t help me.